Onsite Curtain Cleaning in Dubai

Mangrove Services LLC is providing onsite curtain cleaning in Dubai since 2011. State of the art steam machines and host of accessories are used to clean the curtains where they hang. This is also called the mobile curtain cleaning service.

Onsite Curtain Cleaning in a 5 star Hotel in Dubai

Traditionally curtain cleaning in Dubai has been the domain of laundries and dry cleaning shops. Except very few top notch dry cleaners, the hygienic conditions in these shops are normally less than desired. Therefore customers who care for the hygiene and quality of service are very skeptical while giving their curtains to laundry and dry cleaning shops. General apprehensions are washed, stored and transported. people are also concerned if their curtains are mixed with others’ dirty laundry while in washing or dry cleaning process. The fear of mixing their curtains with others’ dirty laundry sends chills down their spines.

Why onsite curtain cleaning in Dubai is becoming popular?

  • Onsite curtain cleaning in Dubai is a relatively new phenomenon. Mangrove Services pioneered the concept in 2011. However it’s fast becoming the choice method of hygienic curtain cleaning in Dubai. There are many benefits compared to traditional curtain cleaning in Dubai. Some of these benefits are;
  • Convenience: There is no hassle of removing and reinstalling the curtains from windows and doors as they are cleaned where they hang
  • Comfort: Since curtains are cleaned where they hang, you lose no sleep due to exposure to early morning sunlight as your windows continue to be covered.
  • Peace of Mind: You don’t have to imagine the unhygienic conditions of the laundry shop where there is a fear that your curtains might be mixed with others’ dirty laundry while being washed. Storage and transportation conditions to and from laundry are also less than desirable when it comes to hygiene. we provides you that peace of mind.Onsite Curtain Cleaning
  • Cleaning & Sanitizing in One Action: Steam delivered through steam cleaning machines at 140-160 C not only cleans perfect but it kills 99.9% bacteria and microbes thus sanitizing the curtains at the same time. We use state of the art steam cleaning machines while delivering onsite curtain cleaning in Dubai.
  • Eco-Friendly Curtain Cleaning: Steam cleaning is a green cleaning agent as it avoids unnecessary use of chemicals.

As Dubai leads in setting up trends, we can see increasing popularity of onsite curtain cleaning in other states of UAE and Gulf countries.

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